Hot Sportsbook review of BetOnline Poker


Signing up was easy. But, after going through the whole process, I realized that I could have signed up via the downloadable poker app. Since I did not know this at the time, I signed up through the website and it was easy. After confirming my email, I was able to log in and navigate around.

General Layout

The layout was fairly easy to figure out.


The poker site was ok. Not the best and not the worst. The best part of the poker site were the fish. The players were easy to beat. There were a few negatives, none of which will keep me from coming back to this site, as I love beting easy players.

  • I was unable to find a table with empty seats. I ended up finding a few tables that has no one waiting, and I joined the wait list for those tables. It was not long before I got seated at my first table. UPDATE: The next time I played, I found empty seats right away.
  • I was unable to easily configure my tables on my laptop screen so that I can could see four tables at once. In fact, I was barely able to view two tables at the same time.
  • I was unable to figure out how to enter the exact amount I wanted to raise. I was only able to clikc on a few predetermined buttons, or slide a slidebar to increase or decrease my raise. There was a Bet Any button, but I did not know what it did, so I did not click it.
  • Depositing

    Depositing was easy. I used my credit card, but they accept many other forms, including BitCoins. Credit card deposit required a minimum of $50. There was a fee charged for my deposit. I assume that was because I used a credit card. It would have been nice for the site to have made it very clear that I was going to be charge this fee. But I easily made back the fee within a few hands of poker.


    I did not realize it, but when I signed up through the website and made my deposit, I used a promotion code that gave me a 25% free play. But after installing the poker app, I realized I could have had a 200% bonus if I had deposited via the poker app. The money you play poker with is kept separate from the money you bet on horses and sports. You can transfer easy enough between the two. If I had known about this bonus, I would have deposited my money through the poker app, not the sports betting website.


    BetOnline Poker is a good poker site with lots of easy players and lots of easy money waiting for you to take, and I will keep playing there even though the interface could use some work.